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Pacific Wave is a distributed International Exchange located in geographically dispersed locations along the Pacific Coast. It serves metropolitan, national, and international advanced optical networking infrastructure initiatives. Pacific Wave’s shared exchange is a Layer 2 exchange comprised of local and intersite virtual LANs (VLANs) for IPv4, IPv6 and IPv4 multicast packets. There are VLANs for jumbo and non-jumbo enabled sites as well. IPv6 multicast VLANs are also available between two participants on request.

Each participant is provided with IP addresses for its local VLAN and all necessary intersite VLANs. For example, if a participant is connected in Los Angeles, it would be able to peer with participants that are located in Seattle and the Bay area as well. For special projects, there are some Layer 1 and Layer 2 facilities available in conjunction with the Global Lambda Integrated Facility (GLIF) and Internet2′s AL2S initiatives. Plans are underway to expand these facilities and make them more readily available to participants.

For specific information not addressed here, please email info@pacificwave.net.

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